Dr. Sheena Lee

On most days, you can find me hiking the Claremont Loop, working in my favorite local coffee shops (Mantra, Cactus, Klatch, and Sanctuary, I'm looking at you!), reading a good book, or at a seminar learning the latest and greatest!


People often refer to me as spunky and on purpose. I bring that same energy and focus to the families I serve and will do what it takes to get to the root cause of a challenge that is preventing your family from expressing their full potential. 


I get how frustrating it is when your health begins to interfere with life, when it seems like your body is working against you, and you finally start to lose hope. I've been there, too. As a teen, I suffered from severe anxiety, body aches, and headaches. Thankfully, I had a chiropractor in my life who seriously changed things around for me & I felt called to serve others in the same way.


Ultimately, my role is a guide -- illuminating the path to vibrant health, which sparks a more vibrant life. One full of energy, light, radiance, and vitality. I can think of no greater honor than facilitating that for others!


Restoring Hope & Awakening Potential

Come As You Are

People often wonder what sets this office apart from the rest. Besides hundreds of hours of additional pediatric training, specialized prenatal training, state of the art technology, and care catered to each individual we take care of, it comes down to feeling like you belong in our space.


See what others have said about us:


"Dr. Sheena's ability to care and show compassion has been inspiring."


"I don't feel like I'm just your patient. Because of this, I trust you completely."


"Comfortable, laid back office. Dr Sheena is the best with kids!"


"I always feel welcomed and like I matter."


"I like that the office is peaceful and is about increasing wellness."

Who We Help

We are extensively trained to take care of the most precious thing in the world to you, your child. From newborns,  to toddlers - we love caring for them! 

The culture and environment of the office exudes family and community & is sure to make you, your child and family feel right at home. 

A woman's body can be well supported through conception, pregnancy, and postpartum through gentle & safe chiropractic care.


Stories of Hope & Healing

"When I brought my son, he was 6 months old and had completely lost the ability to roll. By the second visit he could sit independently. Every mile stone was associated with every visit. It was work. She saved him. He never gets sick. Has never had a fever. She tunes in to your baby and takes care of them as an individual and in there lies the difference. Couldn't have asked for anyone better!"

Nelly A.

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